My New Years resolution to read more Classic literature

My New Years resolution to read more Classic literature

I must have been one of those crazy people who enjoy English Literature class. I blame a whacky teacher named after a Shakespearean heroine. But I’ve never been one to read much classic literature. You know, those dry, boring novels that my younger attention span just couldn’t handle.

My biggest New Years resolution is to change that. Thanks to Maven of the Eventide, I’ve gained a lot more respect for classic literature this year. I’ve also been on a binge of Oscar Wilde quotes thanks to work (long story!).

To start the coming year off well, its time to actually write down the To Be Read list!

  • Pride and Prejudice. I got to play the Jane Austen RPG recently and fell in love! Now I’ve got a hunger to check out her classic novels.
  • The Picture of Dorian Gray. Oscar Wilde is a queer icon, but I haven’t actually read anything by him! So I’m going to start with his most famous work.
  • Dracula. I’ve been enthralled by Maven’s examination of vampire symbology lately, and I really want to dig into the OG vampire novel.
  • The Hobbit. Yes, I haven’t read it yet! Le gasp.
  • The Canterville Ghost. Ghosts, Oscar Wilde, and haunted mansions all sound enticing. Lets see if it lives up to expectations.
  • Carmilla. Thanks to a recommendation from Sapphic Underground I want to check out this classic vampire novel.
  • Shirley. Should I be starting with this Bronte novel? I’m not sure, tell me if I’m doing this all wrong.
  • Pygmalion. This adaption of the 1913 play isn’t strictly a classsic, but I’m letting it into the category for lack of anywhere else to put it.
  • Black Beauty. I own about a dozen copies of Black Beauty, and I read it as a kid, but I don’t remember a thing – so time to revisit it.

Hopefully this doesn’t overwhelm me. Check back in 2020 to see how my classic literature readathon is going. Or follow my Goodreads to keep updated on what I read.

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